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Beautiful weather has finally graced us with its presence and we all know that that means it’s time to spend as much time as possible outside! We put together a list of activities and resources to get your little ones outside to keep them active and learning.

  • Grab some sponges and a bucket full of water and have your little ones soak the sponges and throw them onto an outside wall or cement surface to make neat designs. You can also use washable paint to create abstract driveway sponge art!
  • Workouts are always more fun outdoors! Join The Body Coach for PE with Joe on his YouTube channel. These videos are designed for kids who are out of school and no longer have access to physical education but the workouts are really great for the whole family to do together. Set your laptop or tablet up on a table outside and enjoy the sun as you get in some daily activity.
  • Being active doesn’t mean you always have to do a workout – check out this French spring treasure hunt that is sure to get your little ones running around looking for the items on this list. (BONUS: If you haven’t already, head over to our past blog posts for an at-home scavenger hunt, and a create-your-own photo scavenger hunt!)
  • Join Scouts Canada and create the biggest and best outdoor obstacle course you possibly can! Click here for the English instructions, and here for French.
  • As you are cleaning up your yard for the Spring, rake all of the excess leaves and grass into a pile and allow your kiddos to jump into the leaves, crunch them with their hands and feet, and throw them into the air. Not only is this super fun for young ones, it also helps them develop them throwing and jumping skills.

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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