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It’s time to get outside and explore! Go on a neighbourhood walk and put your sketching or photography skills to the test as you create your very own scavenger hunt! Later, share it with your friends and family!


  • Printable Scavenger Hunt Template (click here to print)
  • Clipboard, pencil, pencil crayons & eraser (if sketching)
  • Camera, scissors & glue (if photographing)


  • Decide what you would like your scavenger hunt to be themed around. Let your creativity soar or use our suggestions below for links to learning outcomes from Kindergarten to Grade 5!
  • Decide how long you would like your scavenger hunt to be. Print off as many Scavenger Hunt Templates as desired
    • If you don’t have access to a printer, fold a piece of paper into 4. Unfold it. Each of these quadrants will give you space for one item in your scavenger hunt
  • Head outside and start your hunt! As you come across things you would like to include in your scavenger hunt, stop to sketch them, or take a photo
  • Once you’ve completed your scavenger hunt, return home! Either colour in your images, or print the photo you took, and use scissors and glue to attach them to your template
  • Share your completed scavenger hunt with your friends and family!


How does this spark creative learning?

Discover the world around you! What’s in your community? Fill your scavenger hunt with images of important safety symbols (stop signs, traffic lights), buildings (schools, businesses), and places (parks, types of homes) that make up your community!

Grade 1:
There are many different materials waiting to be explored! Include items made of different types of materials (paper, wood, plastic, metal), or materials with different characteristics (waterproof, shiny, cold, soft) to create your scavenger hunt!

Grade 2:  
Become an expert in your community! Include examples of how people in your community may get around (car, bus, bicycle), the types of buildings and services you might see (houses, businesses, schools), and the types of structures you might find (bridges, benches, statues)!

Grade 3:
Not all materials are created equal! While you’re outside, take pictures of structures built from different materials. Are these materials strong, or weak? While outside, can you find something made from a material that might be weaker than most? What’s the strongest material you can find?

Grade 4:
What makes up a habitat? While you’re outside, find different examples of food, water, and shelter for animals. Make sure not to get too close, or to disturb any animal homes while you work!

Grade 5:
Keep an eye on the sky, it’s time to watch the weather! Choose if you’d like to showcase different kinds of weather (sunny, overcast, rainy), or the results of different kinds of weather (clouds, puddles, shadows) as you create a scavenger hunt that’s bound to get people exploring the great outdoors!

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