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YouTube is a great source of videos, but narrowing it down to the educational videos isn’t always easy. Check out our list of favourite YouTube channels that support children’s learning – some channels are even fun for the grown-ups too!

  • The Singing Walrus produces fun and educational children’s songs. These songs are easy to sing and dance along to and encourage children to interact with the music in a playful way.
  • Sesame Street is a hit amongst generations thanks to their child-focused educational content and lively characters. Hangout with your favourite Sesame Street friends as they upload new videos every week!
  • WhizKidScience is full of at-home science experiments made by kids for kids. Follow along with experiments that use skittles, maple syrup, glow sticks, and more.
  • Kids vs. Life provides literacy resources to teach kids about phonics through songs and activities. Visit their website for FREE book downloads, songs, and activities.
  • Scratch Garden creates fun and educational videos for a variety of topics. Everything from counting to vowels to art can be found on their channel.

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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