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Field Trips don’t need to come to an end just because everything is closed! We put together a list of a few of our favourite virtual field trip resources so you can tour museums, zoos, and parks all from home.

  • If you haven’t visited Canadian Museum for Human Rights, now is your chance. Enjoy the galleries through narration, images, and videos. Download the app to visit the entire museum, gallery by gallery and experience the audio tour in English, French, or Sign Language.
  • Join the Manitoba Museum as they go through their various galleries and share Manitoba history, the science that explains our world, and the wonders of the universe.
  • The Louvre might not be a museum that you ever thought you would be able to visit, but with their easy-to-use online tours, you can virtually check out their exhibition rooms and galleries.
  • Yosemite National Park is one of America’s most popular natural environments and now with Virtual Yosemite you can tour all of the viewpoints complete with up-close photos and nature sounds.
  • The Wildlife Trusts has webcams where you can watch wildlife live feeds – from barn owls and ospreys, to badgers and bats, there’s always something to see. This is a great way for kids to learn more about the world around them as well as relax and connect with nature without leaving the house.

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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