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We have put together a list of fun family-friendly activities for you to do this Sunday to help you de-stress and prepare for the week ahead.

Crayola has a wide variety of printable colouring pages, not only for kids but for adults as well! They also have a list of many easy, at-home crafts and activities such as Animal DIY Bookmarks, DIY Dinosaur Eggs, and so much more.

Get ready for family game night with your very own DIY board game! Follow these instructions from PBS Kids and get creative – the possibilities are endless!

Break out the nail polish and face masks and have an at-home spa day with the family. You can make it as fancy as you want by making specialty lemonade with fresh fruits and finger sandwiches, infusing tea bags or essential oils in the foot soak, and playing relaxing music. Having things like toe separators, foam sandals, lotions, nail files, and rolled-up wash cloths are all super simple ways to make this spa day a refreshing one!

Stay tuned for more resources to help spark kids’ creative learning!

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