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Helping Hands

We’re excited to showcase our new Helping Hands exhibit, courtesy of pico ARCHITECTURE inc. See it on display in our Welcome Centre during your next museum visit!

About Helping Hands
The intent of the Helping Hands installation was to create something that was useful, interactive, and playful. The original concept was to have arms coming out of the ground, providing additional hands to hold your coffee, your bags, and more. The ‘hand’ – a universal form and gesture – became the focus of the design, which evolved to feature a giant seat, creating a more prominent and inviting presence to the installation. The final product is made out of a single sheet of 3/8” thick steel and weighs approximately 500 pounds.

About pic ARCHITECTURE inc.
pico- \’pe(,)ko \ [symbol p] 1: prefix in the metric system denoting one trillionth 2: peak, beak, bit, small…it really means little. Established in 2010 as Ager Little Architects Inc., pico ARCHITECTURE inc. is a full-service architectural firm providing quality custom service. Their vision is to design socially conscious architecture – spaces that inspire, heal and nurture those who inhabit them.

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