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Children’s Museums among list of important influences in the positive development of young children

Following a two-year collaboration with the Interactive Media Division of the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California to develop and test new ways of communicating the science of early childhood development, Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child has released the collaboration’s first product, “Brain Hero.”

This three-minute video depicts how actions by a range of people in the family and community can affect a child’s development, and visually portrays how actions taken by parents, teachers, policymakers, and others can influence life outcomes for both the child and the surrounding community.

This collaboration, now between the Harvard Center and USC’s newly launched Creative Media & Behavioral Health Center will continue joint work on the creation and dissemination of innovative storytelling products designed to inform the public discourse around policies and practices that support healthy brain development during childhood.

Click here to watch “Brain Hero.”

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