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Supporter Spotlight (November 2017)

The Findlay Family
Introducing…The Findlay Family!

An interactive learning environment that nurtures the power of imagination and spirit of self-discovery, the Children’s Museum believes in the potential of all children and values diversity, inclusion, and positive social change. We meet our mission 359 days a year and continued success depends a great deal on community partnerships. That’s where committed supporters like the Findlay family come in. We are delighted to recognize Ian and Jennifer Findlay, and their children Bryce and Carys, for their ongoing investment in the Children’s Museum and the communities we serve.

Supporter Spotlight

We recently asked the Findlay Family to share their reasons for supporting the Children’s Museum. Read on to learn more about this meaningful conversation.

Q: Why is the Children’s Museum your charity of choice?
A: As parents, our experience with the Children’s Museum was through watching the learning and growth of our children as they interacted with the museum’s environment.There’s an old saying that the longest journey begins with a first step. The Children’s Museum helps children to imagine and take first steps as they grow, develop, and explore their curiosity of the world around them. The creative learning opportunities the Children’s Museum provides benefits all children and deserves support.

Q: Why did you choose a multi-year annual pledge?
A: We’re a busy family and we keep forgetting to donate.

Q: What do you find most rewarding in being a committed donor to Children’s Museum?
A: Seeing the smiling and happy faces of the visitors to the Children’s Museum and knowing that we could take a role in contributing to the happiness of others.

Q: What would you tell someone who is thinking about becoming a first-time, monthly or annual donor to the Children’s Museum?
A: It’s about taking the first step. Change only comes from what we do. If you want to make the world a better place you have to take the first step.

Consider making the Children’s Museum one of your charities of choice!

Our family of supporters is vital to the economic engine that has propelled the Children’s Museum forward for over three decades and enabled us to thrive as one of Manitoba’s most popular cultural institutions.

As a registered non-profit charitable organization, the Children’s Museum relies on earned revenue, including donations, to cover approximately 90% of our operating costs. As such, your support is extremely meaningful. Funds raised for the Children’s Museum are used to enhance galleries and exhibits, to create educational programs and events, and to help fund the museum’s access programs – including the Free2Play Access Program (which provides free museum visits to under-supported children in our community) and the Rural Access Program (which brings children from rural Manitoba schools to the Children’s Museum for free school programs).

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