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General Admission Policy

The Children’s Museum exists to spark kids’ creative learning, and was therefore designed as a facility intended for children under the age of 10 and their accompanying caregivers.

We follow a general admission policy whereby we reserve the right to restrict admitting children unaccompanied by adults as well as adults unaccompanied by children.

This policy is intended to protect the physical safety, security, and experience of our child guests.

Though general admission is not extended to all parties, we recognize that there are adults within our community who would like to access our facilities – and we routinely offer all adults the following opportunities to visit the Children’s Museum:

  • A Hosted Tour and/or Facilitated Visit
    (Depending on the scope of the desired experience, drop-in guests are typically hosted for free immediately or provided the opportunity to arrange a visit at a later scheduled date and time.)
  • Individual and Organizational Volunteer Opportunities

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We recognize the need for additional services for adults with special needs and/or disabilities within our community as discussed within recent media. We will continue to provide the accommodations listed above and support the efforts of other community organizations that are focused on meeting the needs of adults who benefit from interactive experiences.