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Individual Application

Prior to completing this application form, please note:

  • The Children’s Museum has a Free2Play Access Program Committee that meets once a month to review all incoming requests. The Children’s Museum requires a minimum of 6 weeks to review and process any incoming requests.
  • Due to the number of requests received at certain times of the year, urgent requests will not be granted priority consideration – so please ensure that your application reaches us with adequate time for consideration prior to your anticipated visit date.
  • Due to high demand, the criteria listed below are guidelines only. Meeting these guidelines does not imply or constitute donation approval.
  • A limit of one application request per month applies.

Eligibility Guidelines

An individual may be eligible for a Free2Play Access Program general admission pass and/or membership if:

  • The parent/guardian has a social assistance case number
  • The parent/guardian has a refugee assistance case number
  • The child being registered has a subsidized childcare spot through the Province of Manitoba Child Care Subsidy Program 
  • The child’s family income is below the low income cut-off (LICO) (amounts listed below)
# of People in Household Household Income
1 $24,949
2 $31,061
3 $38,185
4 $46,362
5 $52,583
6 $59,304
7 $66,027
More than 7 For each additional person, add $6,723

(Sources: Statistics Canada; Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada; City of Winnipeg Leisure Guide)