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About the Access 2 Program

The award-winning Access 2 Program is a collaborative partnership between Easter Seals and over 500 movie theatres, cultural attractions, entertainment venues, and recreation facilities across Canada. Designed for people of all ages who have a permanent disability and require the assistance of a support person, the goal of the Access 2 Program is to improve social inclusion and provide access to entertainment, cultural, and recreation opportunities and experiences without any added financial burden.

When an Access 2 cardholder (the individual with the permanent disability) presents their valid Access 2 Card at any participating venue partner, their support person receives free admission; the cardholder pays regular admission.

Since launching in 2004, the Access 2 Program has emerged as a national leader in promoting and celebrating social inclusion and opportunities for active social participation amongst the disability community in Canada. Just as important, the Access 2 Program has also been at the forefront of raising awareness about the importance of accessible spaces, equal opportunity, and working collaboratively to create a more inclusive, more accessible Canada.

For more information about the Access 2 Program, including specific details on how to apply for an Access 2 Card, payment options, and answers to some frequently asked questions, please visit

Using the Access 2 Card

Simply present your valid Access 2 Card when purchasing tickets with your support person at any participating Access 2 Program venue. As the Access 2 cardholder, you will pay regular admission and your support person will receive free admission.

The Access 2 Card is accepted at a wide range of entertainment, cultural and recreation venues, as well as festivals, concerts, and special events in all 10 provinces, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories. Click on the link below for a list of participating venues.

Participating Venues Across Canada

Additional Conditions of Use

  • For general museum admission only, unless otherwise specified.
  • Passes cannot be combined with any special offers or used for special events, programs, school tours, group visits, memberships, etc., unless otherwise specified.
  • Passes may not be used to replace tickets previously purchased.
  • Passes have no cash value, are not transferable, and cannot be sold.
  • The Children’s Museum reserves the right to restrict admitting children unaccompanied by adults as well as adults unaccompanied by children.
  • Services are available in English and French. Ask about the availability of services in other languages.
  • The museum reserves the right to deny admission or exclude from the premises any individual(s) whose behaviours negatively impact the museum, its guests, volunteers, or staff.
  • Conditions may be subject to change and other conditions or restrictions may apply.