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Tot Spot

large photo of bright colourful tot spot exhibit area

NOTICE: Modifications have been made to this gallery as part of our current COVID-19 Guidelines. Learn more here.

Getting there is all the fun…

Especially if you’re our littlest museum visitors.

Tots ride, walk, or crawl their way over bridges and through a tunnel, so park your stroller at the Stroller Park and explore this miniature version of the Children’s Museum!

  • Supports Imitate, Interact, Learn Through Play, and Develop Motor Skills early childhood development goals

Partners In Play: Top 10 Tot Spot Activities

  1. Move the balls and beads in the wooden activity centre.
  2. Crawl through the rigatoni tunnel.
  3. Make a path with the petals. How many do you see? What colours are the petals?
  4. Find the mirror. Who do you see?
  5. Read a story on the train!
  6. Step on the train tracks. What do you hear?
  7. Watch what happens in the bubble wall.
  8. Pose in the arch. Take a photo!
  9. Use the blocks to build anything you can imagine!
  10. Explore the different shapes and sounds in the orange activity centre.