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Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures in Action
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Children’s Museum hosts new children’s fitness exhibition, Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action™

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May 26, 2017

WINNIPEG, MB – This summer, the Manitoba Children’s Museum will host Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action™, a travelling exhibition designed to rediscover the fun in being physically active in a non-competitive environment. Children can explore activities such as kung fu, surfing, snowboarding, yoga, and horizontal climbing; the primary goal of the exhibition is to get kids into action by playing and doing things they like to do. The exhibition opens May 27 and runs through September 4, 2017.

Featuring the theme of action adventures popular in children’s books and movies, the exhibition invites visitors to jump into “Action Star Training” – play activities that build strength, coordination, balance, and endurance.

Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action™ encourages visitors to try out activities they may have never before encountered and also to revisit familiar activities in new ways. Cultural spotlights and real-life stories of young people and families who are passionate about a particular activity will deepen visitors’ motivation to get into action. As visitors move through the exhibition and have fun with physical activity, they will get ideas for how they can become more active on a daily basis.

Throughout the exhibition, children and accompanying adults stamp the activities they tried on Action Trackers. Visitors can also take home a 3-Day Mission Action Tracker – activity logs that encourage people to get physically active for a total of 60 minutes a day.

Aimed primarily at children under 10 years old, Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action™ developers from the Minnesota Children’s Museum worked to make the exhibition’s activities accessible to visitors with varying physical abilities and developmental needs.

Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action™ was developed by the Minnesota Children’s Museum in partnership with the Youth Museum Exhibit Collaborative. The local tour is sponsored by the Johnston Group, with support from Len Dubois Trucking Inc., Toromont CAT, CIBC Wood Gundy, 103.1 Virgin Radio, Global Television Winnipeg, and Prairie Public.

Exhibition Details

Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action™ features four Adventure Scenes and an Action Star Training Centre. Each Adventure Scene provides an imaginative setting in which guests can try out a high-appeal physical activity and highlight a specific physical challenge of balance, strength, coordination, or cardiovascular endurance.

Adventure Scenes

  • Surfing & Snowboarding (Balance):
    Visitors don Hawaiian shirts or down-style vests, choose one of four balance boards – two basic and two advanced – and see how long they can stay on for the ride. A motion sensor triggers a two-minute video sequence that takes the riders through pine trees and past lakes as they snowboard down a mountain. Then the video takes the riders off the edge of a cliff and sailing into the clouds before landing as surfers in the ocean. The activity challenges and builds the riders’ balance.
  • Kung Fu Forest (Coordination):
    Visitors enter a clearing in a bamboo forest and begin the kung fu session with a bow to show the three principles of kung fu: strength, peace, and respect. Three lantern posts display instructional images of kung fu animal stances – still, “ready” positions inspired by the rooster, the snake, and the tiger. After visitors try the animal stances, they can push a button to trigger a sequence of lightbox images that guide the participant from still poses into a flow of action. The panels also illustrate the cultural origins of kung fu and other martial arts.
  • Climbing Canyon (Strength):
    A trailhead marker introduces four different trails: the Toddler Trail, Beginners’ Bend, Rugged Ridge, and the Extreme Expanse. Visitors of varying skill and ability levels successfully traverse the trails to safely explore a cave holding a hidden treasure. Hand and footholds guide the visitors across the horizontal walls. The Climbing Canyon shows visitors how lifting and holding up their own body weight is a valid strength-building activity.
  • Flycycle Sky (Endurance):
    Visitors merge their imagination with physical activity when they strap on a bike helmet and climb on one of the Museum’s flycycles. These stationary bikes with wings or propellers each face a cloud-shaped panel. For every few rotation of the wheels, a star lights up in the sky. The flycycles vary in form: one is a tandem bike with a recumbent seat in front, an upright in back and two pairs of wings above; another is a hand-pedaled chariot with an overhead propeller.

Action Star Training Centre

The Action Star Training Centre provides visitors with challenges of balance, strength, coordination, and cardiovascular and muscular endurance through simple activities that kids can do at home.

  • Yoga Station (Balance):
    At the Yoga Station, visitors try out the tree pose and the cat stretch, as well as learn the origins of yoga.
  • Strength Centre (Strength):
    At the Strength Centre, a kid-friendly interpretation of gym equipment, visitors experiment with upper- and lower-body strength. They can try out monkey bars, leg presses, self-weighted rowers, and adaptive chin-ups.
  • Dance Club (Coordination):
    In the Dance Club, visitors choose dance moves and music to get their heart pumping, going freestyle, or following the dancer on the screen.

Toddler Pyramid

The Toddler Pyramid offers the youngest visitors a separate place to experiment with physical activity away from the thick of the action. With adventure-theme flair, the Toddler Pyramid features toddler-sized steps, a climbing net, and a slide. It emphasizes that you are never too young to be physically active.


Media are invited to join us on Saturday, May 27 between the hours of 11:00AM – 3:00PM for the opening celebration of Run! Jump! Fly! Adventures In Action™ and to see special guest, Niibin, the Canada Summer Games mascot, who will be onsite for photo opportunities. Media are welcome to attend and capture photographs or footage of the exhibition during this time. Interview accommodations can be booked in advance by contacting Lisa Dziedzic, Children’s Museum Director of Marketing & Communications, at (204) 924-4011.

(Please note: Due to staff availability, interviews will not be available on May 27 without advance booking arrangements.)


For over 30 years, the Manitoba Children’s Museum has been a place for families to play, laugh, learn, and grow. Housed in the oldest surviving train repair facility in Manitoba, the Children’s Museum features twelve permanent galleries that spark kids’ creative learning. Visitors can hop aboard the authentic 1952 diesel locomotive and 1910 Pullman passenger coach, explore the five-storey tall Lasagna Lookout, test their perceptions in the giant Illusion Tunnel, perform water experiments in Splash Lab, and much more. A toddler-exclusive space, Tot Spot serves the needs of the museum’s smallest visitors. During the holiday season, take a stroll through the land of fairytales in the nostalgic Eaton’s Fairytale Vignettes display. The museum also offers birthday parties, facility rentals, school programs, special events, and public programming. As a non-profit charitable organization, the Children’s Museum believes in the potential of all children and provides an interactive learning environment that nurtures the power of imagination and spirit of self-discovery.

The Children’s Museum is located at 45 Forks Market Road at The Forks. For 24-hour information, visit or call 204-924-4000.

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Lisa Dziedzic
Director of Marketing & Communications
(204) 924-4011

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