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Wind yarn onto strips of paper rolls to make these cute tiny hats!


Supply List

  • Yarn
  • Paper Towl Roll
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper


  1. Using the ruler and scissors, cut the paper towel roll into half inch tubular sections.
  2. Using the ruler and scissors, cut pieces of yarn into 8 inch strips (we used 38 pieces of yarn, but this will depend on how wide the paper towel roll is).
  3. Fold the yarn in half to form a loop at one end and wrap it around the paper towel roll. Push the folded end through the loop and pull upwards to create a knot. Continue doing this until your entire paper towel roll is covered in yarn.
  4. Push all of your yarn up through the middle of the paper towel roll. Use another piece of string to tie the top of your hat together to create the pompom. Leave a loop in the string you tied off the top with to turn your hat into a mini-ornament that can be hung.
  5. Use scissors to trim the excess yarn in the top and style your pompom as you would like!
  6. Roll a small amount of tissue paper into a ball, and place it inside your hat to help it keep its shape.

Additional Tips


Use different colours of yarns to create a multi-coloured, patterned hat! How many elements does your pattern have?


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